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2015. szeptember 1., kedd

A Vichy rezsim 1940-ben tiltotta be a szabadkőművességet

1940: Freemasonry to Be Outlawed by Pétain’s Regime

A news report, produced by the Vichy government, shows an anti-Freemasonry exhibition in Paris in 1940. The video has no sound. INA.fr.
VICHY — Freemasonry is to be suppressed in France under a decree adopted by the government of Marshal Henri Petain last night [Aug. 2] empowering Raphael Alibert, Minister of Justice, to draft a decree dissolving all secret societies. Following, as it does, measures taken recently against foreigners, this action is another step tending to bring France’s policy into line with that of Germany and Italy, where Freemasonry has been proscribed by the Nazi and Fascist governments.
Commenting on the decree, the newspaper ‘‘Le Jour’’ said today: ‘‘It is a veritable abscess that the government has just cut — an abscess which for half a century poisoned the country so much that it nearly perished. On the margin of the official powers and more often against them, the policy of the Third Republic was directed, under the regime now fallen, by an occult and all-powerful force — that of the secret societies, and notably of the most powerful and best organized of all — Freemasonry.’’ — New York Herald Tribune, Aug. 3, 1940

Forrás: http://iht-retrospective.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/08/02/1940-freemasonry-to-be-outlawed-by-ptains-regime/?_r=0

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