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2009. március 19., csütörtök

Nők a férfiklubokban

Nők a férfiklubokban

Repedezik a férfiklubok rendszere Skóciában, mostantól az egyik szabadkőműves klubban már nők is lehetnek tagok, ugyan kisebb jogkörrel - pl. nem szavazhatnak - viszont fele akkora tagdíjért, mint a férfiak.

"Edinburgh freemasons admit women members for the first time

By Oliver Farrimond

FREEMASONS at the Edinburgh Masonic Club have made a historic decision to allow women members, rolling back half a century of tradition

The club’s 1,100 masons voted the motion through last month - a decision ten years in the making.

The first women members will go through the club’s doors on April 1st, and the club are anticipating a huge surge in membership.

James MacLean, club secretary and treasurer, said that over 800 women were expected to sign up.

He said: “It’s the big break through - we’re admitting lady members for the first time.

“The provisions of the Scottish licensing act 2005, which are coming into force this year, led us to review our constitution.

“We reckoned that if we don’t adapt we’ll start being seen as dinosaurs.”

The occasion marks a milestone for the club, which is based at Shrub Hill in Leith, as until now women had only been allowed in if accompanied by their husbands.


"John Gibson: Let's shake on club's sexual revolution!

Published Date: 09 March 2009


WOMEN have always known their place in the Edinburgh Masonic Club at Shrub Hill. They've had to take a back seat in a steadfastly all-male environment.

You don't mess with the Masons and at this 1100-strong club you've got to be a Mason to be a member.

But they've been reviewing the situation and the club's "rock", Jim McLean, who's been secretary/treasurer these past 30 years, tells me there's been an earth-shattering sexual revolution down there, just off Leith Walk.

"It's the big break-through. We are admitting lady members for the first time.

"The provisions of the Scottish Licensing Act 2005, which are coming into force this year, led us to review our constitution and we reckoned that if we don't adapt we'll start being seen as dinosaurs.

"Strictly speaking, and to give them their place, women will be non-voting associate members. They do get the vote, albeit indirectly, I feel, because they cajole their men when it comes to casting a vote."


Ez a változás valahogyan az alkohol árusításának feltételeivel függ össze, de nem jöttem rá, hogy miként. Aki tudja, árulja el, legyen szíves!

A félreértések elkerülése végett kiemelném, hogy a fenti cikkekben klubokról van szó - esetleg szabadkőműves tagsággal - de nem magukról a páholyokról.

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